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  Lean Construction

Teamwork, innovative thinking, and going the extra mile are key aspects of project execution that we pride ourselves on.  With these tools in our bag, C.A.Murren is up to the challenge of facing any current and future challenges.  Teamwork is the culture and the environment of our company.  C.A.Murren facilitates efforts to help everyone involved on the project team effectively work together in a cohesive group to accomplish our shared goals.  Working as a group, we push the envelope, we think about the unthinkable.  Innovative thinking has spurred some of the most profitable projects, for both us and our clients, in our history.  C.A.Murren does more and makes a greater effort to obtain our project goals.  This is evident by the vast number of repeat clients that we have, who always call us first for their next project.  Our construction services include:

  • Full-time on-site supervision
  • On-going estimating and long-lead item procurement
  • Continuous value engineering
  • Contract negotiations with clients and subcontractors
  • Comprehensive Job cost monitoring and evaluation
  • Constant Schedule monitoring and evaluation
  • On-going safety training and compliance
  • Quality control and oversight
  • Federal and State wage compliance