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Our Careers
  Our Careers

A Career, Not a Job
Would you rather have a career or a job?  C. A. Murren is more than income and benefits – more than just a job.  A career with us provides numerous opportunities for advancement, allows you to challenge yourself and nurture your personal growth, and provides intrinsic satisfaction in what you do.  With offices and projects throughout the Eastern United States, C. A. Murren and Sons is a place of immense growth and opportunity.  We recruit and retain top talent because of our healthy, productive environment that works towards improvement at all times.

A Visionary Employer
C.A. Murren has developed an environment in which employees experience personal and professional fulfillment.  We are committed to an innovative, supportive, stimulating, and fun culture.  C. A. Murren employs family-friendly policies and practices, strong employee health and wellness initiatives, and comprehensive growth and learning opportunities. Each of our employees are in charge of achieving the company’s goals and share in the celebration, recognition, and rewards when those goals are achieved.